Spring Statement : White Jeans, Four Ways

April 1, 2015

I like the idea of white jeans. They are not the most practical wardrobe addition though. Especially in the spring/summer where my favourite thing to do is to spend great lengths of time sitting on grass, eating red fruit. But I do like to live life on the edge, and I do love jeans… so while I contemplate adding them as a statement piece in my wardrobe, here are some of my favourite ways to style white jeans.

1. + Denim Jacketwhite-jeans-demin-jacket(source)


2. White on Whitewhite-jeans-white-top(source)


3. White + Greywhite-jeans-and-grey(source)


4. + Stripeswhite-jeans-and-stripes(source)



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