February 4, 2015

I wear black skinny jeans almost every day, and yet there’s not a ripped knee or distressed seam in sight… What I do have is a pair of rather old and very faded, once black Topshop Leigh Jeans (a classic), which could use a makeover. So some DIY might be happening soon… In the meantime, a little inspo from the blogosphere:

andy-heart-black-ripped-skinny-jeansAndy Heart


modern-legacy-black-ripped-skinny-jeansModern Legacy

tumblr-black-ripped-skinny-jeansVia Tumblr

maja-wyh-black-ripped-skinny-jeansMaja Wyh via WhoWhatWear

sincerely-jules-black-ripped-skinny-jeansSincerely Jules

josefin-dahlberg-black-ripped-skinny-jeansJosefin Dahlberg


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