My &Other Stories Problem…

October 24, 2014

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&otherstories is dangerous. Every time I set foot in there, I lose half a day and my bank account starts to look a lot less healthy. I just love the brands aesthetic – the clothes and accessories are so simple and unfussy.  I ALWAYS find something I like (for better or for worse). Not to mention their nail polish collection is awesome. And worth the trip alone, in my opinion.

Jumper | Loafers | Earrings | Necklace (silver sold out online) | Bracelet


7 thoughts on “My &Other Stories Problem…

  1. Rachel

    Oh I have SUCH a problem with that shop. I just want every single thing – but I’ve found sticking to their small accessories/jewellery/nail polish means I get my fix, without spending tooooo much. I love your picks, makes me want another visit!

    -Rachel || A Nesting Nomad

    1. Becca Post author

      Rachel, that’s exactly what I do! I could do a whole post on my Nail Polish problem… and I’m trying this whole minimalist thing at the mo too. I think I’ll have to impose a ban or something. xx

    1. Becca Post author

      I thought they were everywhere! Their stuff is so nice.. If you’re ever in London DEFINITELY check it out. As per Mirjam’s comment… you’re probably better off though! Or your wallet anyway… 😉 xx


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