Refining Your Minimalist Wardrobe

You’re now well on your way to building a curated minimal wardrobe, but this is just the beginning! You’ll probably want to go back and get rid of more, and you’ll likely still buy the wrong things from time to time. That’s ok, the idea is to keep learning and refining. You’ll get better at recognizing what you do and don’t wear, so you can continue to edit down what you have and curate the perfect pieces to add. The steps in this guide are designed to give you an in-depth and thorough look at your wardrobe and personal style. By listing every single outfit in your mood board and purging your entire wardrobe in one go, you have the opportunity to examine your style very closely. You can learn so much by putting in the groundwork and analyzing your style choices and current wardrobe. As you continue to refine your wardrobe in future, the knowledge you have gained will be invaluable.

Don’t worry if it’s not perfect (is a perfect wardrobe even possible?). It’s a work-in-progress and that’s half the fun! So enjoy the journey 🙂

Good luck!

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