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4 thoughts on “DIY Juice Cleanse | My At-Home Juice Cleanse Diary

    1. Becca Post authorAdipex Buy England

      Oops sorry about that! Thanks for letting me know – fixed the link now! As it now says above, I’ve got the Philips HR1861. I chose it after reading loads of amazon reviews, and also because it seemed fairly middle of the range in terms of price. I saw one juicer on amazon for £29.99 and others in the £100s – I decided to go somewhere in the middle. I really like it (as much as you can like a juicer). It does the job and I’ve not had any problems with it. I’ve included a link above to the newer version of my juicer, so you have an idea, but definitely shop around because prices (for the same model) can vary loads depending on where you’re purchasing! Hope this helps. xx

      1. Sophie Phentermine 37.5 Mg Buy

        Hi Becca
        Thanks for that – I’ve managed to borrow a Philips one from my boyfriend’s sister so winner!
        Another thing I wanted to check was how it affected your *ahem* bowel movement? Obviously there’s a hell of a lot of fruit in there and I know in excess it can make your tummy do somersaults! So just wondered how it affected you! Sorry if that’s tmi!
        Soph xx

        1. Becca Post authorFedex Phentermine Overnight

          Perfect! Haha no not tmi! I actually considered mentioning that in the post. Apparently it would have been useful! I didn’t have any adverse effects when I did my juice cleanse – juicing removes the fibre from the fruit you’re not going to have the problem of becoming “too regular” from a huge dose of fibre. At the same time, it didn’t have the opposite effect for me either either, if you get my drift… Everything worked as it should 🙂 I have a green juice for breakfast every few days (I would do everyday if I could be bothered with the faff of washing the juicer) – I get bloated really easily and I think traditional cereals etc make it worse. Juicing has really helped to keep my digestive system healthy. Hope this helps – Let me know if you do it and how it goes! Becca xx

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