To Simplify:

July 4, 2018

1. identify the essential,
2. eliminate the rest.

Discarding the excess in favour of the superior few – choosing quality over quantity – will always give us more time and space to enjoy what’s left: the very best of things.

Now, this isn’t about having or doing as little as possible, but it is about shifting focus from “more” for the sake of more, to “enough”. And this process is, of course, subjective – it’s up to you to define what is essential. You’ll know you have it right when you feel relaxed in your environment, when you’re able to balance time spent fulfilling obligations with doing things you love, when you feel less overwhelmed, frenetic and busy, and instead, happy and productive.

7 areas to simplify in 2016:

  1. Home – declutter your physical space, get rid of the things that you don’t love and/or need, so that you can better appreciate the things that you do.
  2. Personal style – assess your wardrobe and take the time to figure out what works for you, then lose everything that doesn’t. Do the same with your make up and beauty routine.
  3. Digital – clear your inbox (I know it’s a big one), spend less mindless time online and on social media, turn off devices, consider a social media detox.
  4. Time – consider your priorities, make fewer time commitments, practice saying no, leave space in your day so you’re not always rushing, create routines to streamline your life so that you have more time to think about and do the things that matter most to you.
  5. Mental wellbeing – make time for yourself, to be alone, to do nothing, meditate, practice self-care, practice being present.
  6. Physical health – commit to an exercise routine, simplify and clean up your diet, get enough sleep.
  7. Consumerism – buy less, buy better, choose quality over quantity (this applies to everything), want less, be conscious of what you bring into your home, think about environmental impact, reduce your waste, consider why you buy.

Becca Haf
Inspired simplicity: life + style

image via maryanne casasanta

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