The Perfect Night In

December 6, 2013

the perfect night in kitI love a cosy night in when it starts to get colder. Here is my ultimate kit:

1. A Pair of PJ bottoms. I have a slight obsession with pyjamas… I have sooo many pairs. My favourite places to buy are Hush (, Jack Wills and Gilly Hicks. They all have a really good range of super cosy flannel style bottoms.
2. A chunky knit jumper. I want to be all warm and cosy when it’s cold outside, and there is nothing better than a knit jumper to make you feel cuddly. This one is from Topshop.
3 & 4. Cold feet are a big no-no. Cable knit bed socks are awesome, especially these ones from Hush. And sheepskin slippers are very chic.
5. Snacks. Can’t do a good night in without ice cream. And some popcorn for the full movie watching experience. If you want to be really posh, get some Joe & Seph’s popcorn. It comes in about 20 flavours, including Salted Caramel and Toffee Apple. There are lots of savouries too!
6. A candle. I love Dyptique, because they make the whole house smell amazing. But choose your favourite variety.
7. A hydrating face mask. I would save the deep pore cleansing mask for another time. This is all about chilling out, so choose something soothing and relaxing.
8. MOVIES! No night in is complete without your favourite movies. I’m a sucker for happy endings…

Do you have any night-in traditions?


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