Hacking Health & Fitness In 2015

January 14, 2015

As far as January resolutions go, starting a diet and buying a gym membership aren’t exactly the most original. And that’s why I’m not doing either of them. I hate the concept of a resolution – they sound so all-or-nothing and doomed to fail by 1.2.15.

I’ve always taken a slightly different approach. I’ve been consciously making incremental changes to improve my diet for a few years now (not just in January). My aim is to make small changes that don’t even feel like an effort to implement. Below I’ve got my plans and tips for living more healthily in 2015. These are (mostly) easy to put into practice. Some are a bit more of a challenge, but the key is to start small, by picking a few, rather than trying to do everything at once.

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1. Drink more water. Ok super obvious, but so much easier said than done, but I bought myself a Brita water bottle for Christmas, and I keep it next to me all day. Works a treat.

2. Do a detox or juice cleanse. I love detoxing, from a basic warm water and lemon in the morning, to a full-on three day juice fast. I even have my own recipes!

3. Eat a naturally balanced and healthy diet. There are lots of different fad diets out there, but I prefer to keep it simple with lean protein, healthy fats, unrefined carbs and lots fo different coloured veg.

4. Along the same lines, make healthy substitutions. My favourites are coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, brown rice instead of white, and courgetti (works with squash and carrots too!) instead of pasta.

5. Cut down on processed foods. Less refined sugar, white foods and processed meat. Try to eat foods as close to it’s natural state as possible. I’m doing this by eating the healthy balanced meals I mentioned above, and avoiding snacking between meals.

6. Don’t beat yourself up if you eat something less than virtuous. I’ve recently become obsessed with Amelia Freer and her book, Eat Nourish Glow. She has so many pearls of wisdom, but I love this one : “aim for consistency, not perfection”.


7. Buy some new workout gear. This might seem a bit of a superficial step, but it’s a great motivator. I never took exercise seriously, so I just used to chuck on some old leggings and a t-shirt if I ever did any form of physical exertion (never). But I last year I bought some bits in the Sweaty Betty sale, and it completely changed my attitude to working out. It definitely makes it feel more legit and serious. For me, anyway.

8. Find an exercise you love and that works for your schedule and budget. I’m generally not big into exercise. I hate running, hate the general concept of a gym, but I’ve found I really enjoy yoga and pilates. The best thing to do is experiment – if you’re uninspired by the gym, take a class you haven’t taken before. Who knows? Maybe you’ll love kickboxing. If you’re short on time or money, there are loads of fitness gurus on Youtube (my favourite is Blogilates).

9. Just move more. I work from home so it’s far too easy to end up moving from bed to sofa to kitchen to sofa again. So, along with my Blogilates, I’ve started incorporating yoga stretches into my morning routine.

Have you got any tips for living a healthier and more active life?


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