August 22, 2014

lady-and-pups-mexican-chorizo-garlic-shrimp-burger-engThere are no words.

I mean, woah. This is the most delicious-looking burger I have ever seen The chorizo-spiced patty. The garlic shrimp. THAT BUN. *Insert Homer drool face*

I happened upon this beaut of a recipe randomly when looking for Mexican dishes to try (a future post maybe..) and I’m so happy I did, because in the process, I’ve found myself a new beautiful food blog to love – Lady And Pups. There may also be some extra cute poopies on her blog too, so I’m doubly happy 😀 (big smile).

Well after that, I was burger-inspired, so obviously I had to go and stare at more succulent / cheesy / gooey / DELICIOUS specimens. The best of which I now share with you (you’re welcome). Don’t worry, I’ve got all bases covered – if you don’t like pork, there’s beef. If you don’t do beef, there’s chicken. If you don’t fancy chicken, there’s lamb. And if you don’t eat any of those, there’s VEGGIE. I did good, right?


1. Waitrose Harissa Spiced Lamb Burgers
2. Simply Scratch Griddled Steak Burgers with Jarlsberg + Sautéed Onions
3. Gourmet Traveller Dirty Bird Chicken Burger
4. How Sweet It Is Crispy Autumn Veg Burgers

Enjoy. Seriously.


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