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February 27, 2015


I used to hate wearing a bra. So uncomfortable, so restrictive. And I could not WAIT to whip it off as soon as I walked through the door. I won’t go as far as saying that the fairly recent addition of soft cup bras to my wardrobe has changed my life, but I can tell you I’m never going back. Well, I haven’t burnt all my underwired friends just yet, but I do have a healthy collection of wireless wonders, and they are always my go-to on the day-to-day. Obviously, I’m keeping them monochrome as per…

Can U Buy Real Phentermine Online | Phentermine To Buy | Cardi (American Vintage – old)


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Phentermine 37.5 Mg Buy

February 18, 2015


For the majority of my time I live in skinny jeans, but on the rare occasion I need to look a little bit smarter, I opt for a pair of black tapered trousers. I like to mix smarter and more casual elements of my Buy Phentermine 37.5 White Blue Specks, so I would often pair trousers with a crew neck tee. The heels keep it on the right side of smart for me.

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Buying Phentermine 37.5

February 13, 2015


I’m minimizing my closet and building a capsule wardrobe from scratch. I’m following the 5-Piece French Wardrobe concept of only buying five new trend or statement pieces each season. But first I need a wardrobe of strong basics. Plus, I love basics, so it’s all good. Read the full series Phentermine Yellow Capsules To Buy.

I’ve finally found a black blazer than I LOVE. And I’ve been on the hunt for a while. Although I consider a black blazer to be a staple in any wardrobe, I’ve never found one that I really liked. I included it in my Cheap Phentermine Overnight Delivery for wardrobe for a/w, in the hope that I find one to add to my collection. I was looking for something that I could dress up, but that I would also be comfortable throwing on with a casual outfit. I fell in love with Order Phentermine 37.5 From Mexico on Aritzia, but it seemed a bit excessive to get it imported from Canada (not to mention attempting to return it if it didn’t fit). So I got to hunting for something a little closer to home, and found one almost identical on Order Adipex Phentermine. And it was a fraction of the price. Yay! Meet the newest addition to my basics wardrobe…


Buy Phentermine K25 Online | Buy Phentermine From India | jeans (Cheap Phentermine Uk) | Phentermine 37 5Mg Online | heels (zara – old) | scarf (gap old)


I Want To Buy Phentermine Online

February 8, 2015


This is one of my favourite casual weekend outfit based on my Buy Phentermine 37.5 White Blue Specks. The skinny jean is almost always the main ingredient in my daily uniform. And I don’t give my blue pairs as much love as I should. I still haven’t torn into my old black jeans, but I did pick up a ready-ripped blue pair on Buy Phentermine Nz in the sale (£16 at the time! Such a bargain!). Adding some rips to my wardrobe definitely gives me some more versatility.

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