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September 24, 2014


Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser is one of my all-time favourite make up bases. I’ve always preferred a lighter coverage, so tinted moisturisers work better for me on a daily basis than heavy foundations. The coverage is light, but very buildable. I find it evens me out really well, without feeling like I’ve got anything on at all.

I normally use my hands to apply, almost like I’m applying moisturiser, but a bit more delicately (Laura Mercier make up artists are all about the hands!), and then I use my beauty blender to even everything out. A kabuki or buffing brush also works well for application. And it’s foolproof – I’ve applied in the car on many occasions without a streak in sight. I like to prime before applying and set with powder afterwards, to give it as much longevity as possible.

Another great thing about this tinted moisturiser is the choice of shades available. I flip between Caramel and Almond, depending on the time of year. Being mixed race, it can sometimes be quite difficult to find shades to suit my skin tone, and even when they do match well, they often end up looking ashy. In the UK, counters tend to be less well stocked with darker shades than in the US, but Laura Mercier has it covered!

In terms of formula, the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser comes in “original”, oil-free and “illuminating”. I’ve gone original for years, but I’ve recently moved over to oil-free – it has just a little more coverage. I have tried out the illuminating version, because I do like a dewy finish, but it was just a bit too pearlescent for my liking. Personally, I’d prefer to highlight more selectively. A little illuminating powder on cheeks and brow bone goes a long way.

One more thing, one bottle last me aaaages, like 6 months of everyday use, so it’s pretty good value when you look at it that way!

Have you tried Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturiser? Or do you have another favourite everyday base?

£34 from Space NK


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