Makeup Bag Minimalism

October 3, 2014


Simplicity makes me happy. In all parts of my life. And that includes my makeup bag. Some people love experimenting with makeup looks – I like makeup because it has the ability to transform me into a wide awake, clear skinned, high cheekboned human being.

But as a blogger (and reader of blogs), it’s so easy for the makeup collection to get out of control. But I’ve decided it’s time for me to pare back.

So, rather than focus on new product launches in the space I save for beauty on my blog, I thought I’d strip it all back, and start a series building up my makeup bag from scratch, perfectly stocked with all the essentials.

When I say “Makeup Bag Minimalism”, I don’t mean it in any extreme sense – I’m not throwing everything out, bar that single, lone mascara – this is more a “one of everything” approach. Every product I feature, is something that I think is good to have in your kit, and that you only really need one of. Take the nude lip, for example. You could have loads of variations if you wanted, or you could forgo lip products altogether. But in my opinion, having one perfect nude lip is ideal.

So here you go, all the basics of a well-stocked, but not overflowing, makeup bag:

Foundation/Tinted Moisturiser + Setting Powder
Contour + Highlight

Eye Shadow + Eyeliners

Nude Lip
Dark Lip

Foundation Brush/Sponge
Powder Brush
Blusher Brush
Eye Brushes
Eyelash Curler

Let the fun begin! Next week, Primer.


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