Makeup Bag Minimalism : #5 Contouring Basics

January 21, 2015

basic contouring kit

Contouring has been getting so much airtime recently, what with the Kim K selfie and youtube videos like this. I wouldn’t say my contour kit is a makeup bag essential. It’s definitely not part of my everyday routine, but on those special occasions when I want to look a bit more “done”, I whip out a few of my contouring basics. There are so many different ways to contour, and some of the techniques I’ve seen scare me a little. I like to keep it as quick and easy, and foolproof as I can.

.to contour, I use two shades of makeup (plus my base) – one slightly darker than my skin tone and one slightly lighter.
.I use the Sleek Face Form Palette, in dark, which comes with both bronzer and highlight shades. I also use my Nars Creamy Concealer, which is a little lighter than my base, as my lighter shade in some areas.
.you can use powder or cream product. I use mostly powder, because I don’t contour and highlight everyday and powders have a longer shelf life.
.you can use any bronzer that is darker than your natural skin and suits your colouring, or if you prefer cream products you can use a concealer stick, like this one, in a shade or two darker than your skin. I personally find powder easier to control.
.I apply the darker shade in areas I want to appear to recede – this will vary a little from face to face, but for me that’s the hollows of my cheeks and my jawline. I use a smallish fluffy brush (mine is the contour brush that comes in this set), and follow the line from the top of my ear to the corner of my mouth, stopping about two fingers’ width from my mouth.
.the key for me is to use a brush that’s small enough so that I can control where the product goes, and keep the line defined, but blended enough to look natural.
. I apply the lighter shade to areas I want to highlight, areas that light would naturally hit. I use concealer under the eyes and around the nose, and the powder highlight on my brow bone, cupids bow and the tops of my cheeks.
.the powder highlight is quite subtle – it gives me a dewy glow – so it’s hard to go wrong!

Is contouring part of your everyday makeup routine, do you dabble like me, or are you way too low maintenance for any of this?


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