Makeup Bag Minimalism : #3 Foundation & Powder

November 19, 2014

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and Loose Setting Powder

I’m reducing my makeup bag down to the essentials one product at a time. See my full Makeup Bag Minimalism series here.

Foundation. It’s in the name really. A good foundation is the basis of your makeup routine. Most of the time I prefer a lighter coverage, so tinted moisturiser is my daily go-to. Laura Mercier is the best colour match for me, but I also get on really well with Nars and Bobbi Brown’s formulations.

It’s really handy to have a light everyday base, that’s foolproof to apply (even in a rush) and that wears well throughout the day. That’s Laura Mercier for me #foreverrepurchased. I wrote a full review a few weeks ago, here.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and Loose Setting Powder

Powder is also definitely an essential for me. If you have drier skin, it’s probably not so much of a concern, but I need to set my t-zone unless I want my makeup to last for all of 10 minutes.

The Translucent Loose Setting Powder from Laura Mercier is my absolute favourite. One issue I’ve had with translucent powders in the past, is that they can sometimes make me look a little ashy. Laura Mercier doesn’t do this at all. It sets my make up, takes away the shine, without making it look like there is a layer of powder sitting on my face. I love it! Another #foreverrepurchased. I’ve also just received a little sample of the Invisible Loose Setting Powder from LM. Looking forward to seeing how that compares!

I could definitely stop there, but I’ve recently been looking for a base with a bit more coverage for special occasions (photo ops!). In my experience, matching a new foundation can be difficult to get right. I’ve tried lots of different brands, but have yet to find a great medium/heavy coverage foundation. At £30+ a bottle, (non-drugstore) foundation isn’t cheap. Once you’ve opened it up, you can’t return it, so you want to get it right – for me that means a perfect colour match and a formulation that gives me the finish I want.

These are a few of my tips for shopping for a new foundation:

  • Start early – you need to see the foundation on in natural daylight to check the colour match is right for you. There’s no point going to the store at 5pm in November.
  • Don’t rush – Try on one product at a time, have a look at it in natural light, and then walk around with it on for a while. Ideally you want to see how it looks and feels after a couple of hours of wear.
  • Bring a mirror – shop assistants will lend you a mirror so that you can go and look at your makeup outside, but it’s good to take one with you as well. That way, after you’ve walked away, and worn it for a few hours, you can have another look.
  • Get a sample – ask if you can take a sample with you so you can put it on the next day yourself, and wear it as . Do you still like the colour? The texture? The finish?
  • If you’re not sure, leave it – if you’re not 100%, don’t buy it. Like I said it’s expensive and you have to wear it ON YOUR FACE. You want something that makes you feel comfortable.

Are you as meticulous as me when shopping for new foundation? Do you have any other tips for finding a great match?


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