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January 28, 2015


I love covers. And I love love LOVE finding super talented Youtubers and then putting them on repeat. Ok, The 1975 aren’t Youtubers, but Radio 1 Live Lounge is basically the mother of acoustic covers, so it was going in. All the below are permanent fixtures in my weekly listening.

Hobbie Stewart

Lilly Ahlberg

Hannah Trigwell

The 1975 / Radio 1 Live Lounge

Please leave your recommendations below!!

Images : Phentermine 37.5 Mg Buy | Buy Phentermine 37.5 White Blue Specks | 3 (video still) | Fedex Phentermine Overnight


Buying Phentermine 37.5

January 25, 2015


Not everyone knows that makeup expires – I was reading an article that said some women admit to owning eye shadow that’s over 14 years old!! I wouldn’t be surprised if my mum had a few items in her collection that are older than me… But it’s important not to keep makeup past its use-by date because as soon as it’s opened and makes contact with the air, bacteria gets in and starts to breed. These bacteria can cause breakouts, rashes, irritation and infection. Eugh.

I always knew that mascara had a pretty short lifespan once opened – a tube that’s been open for more than a few months really stings my eyes – but I wasn’t really down on the deadlines for using up some of the other things. Here’s a cheat sheet:

.powder-based : 24 months
.cream-based (including concealer) : 12-18 months
.foundation : 18 months
.but oil-free : 12 months (the water-based products .break down more quickly)
.lipstick : 12 months
.lip gloss : 18 months
.pencils : 24 months (sharpening removes the outer, exposed layer)
.mascara : 3 months
.gel + liquid eyeliner : 2 months (who gets though a pot of gel liner in 2 months!!)

and a few more tips…
.gone off eye make up is one of the main causes of eye infections
.don’t pump your mascara wand to coat the brush, that only traps more air in the .bottle so it goes off faster
.store make up in a cool, dry place to help it last as long as possible
.store lipsticks in the fridge to keep them going longer
.throw anything out if it starts to smell funky
.check the container of you makeup, there should be a little “open jar” symbol with a number and M (stands for months) inside e.g. 18M. That tells you how long the product will last once opened. You can even put a sticky label with the date of opening to keep track
.nail polish also goes off, but it’s less of a problem because you’re not applying it directly to your skin. It just becomes pretty unusable, but you can buy nail polish thinners, like Phentermine Yellow Capsules To Buy, to bring them back to life.



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January 23, 2015


I’m streamlining my closet and building a capsule wardrobe, with a strong foundation of basics. I’m following the 5-Piece French Wardrobe concept of only buying five new trend or statement pieces each season. Read the full series Buy Phentermine From India.

This jumper is super versatile – long enough to be worn on its own as a dress, or it would look equally chic paired with some skinny jeans. This look is just the right balance of scruffy and put together for me.

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